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Quinta da Raza and Sustainability
13 Feb 2024

Quinta da Raza and Sustainability


We have long thought of Quinta da Raza as one of the benchmarks of the Vinho Verde region, and perhaps Portugal as a whole. We've worked with them for almost 20 years  and have seen their wines improving every vintage. In additon, they have also been pushing the boundaries of what had come to be 'expected' from this region, by making and promoting varietal wines from their estate's traditional grape varieties, such as Padeiro and Azal.

It's no surprise to us then, that they have recently been awarded for their sustainability projects. Here, we repost their own blog on the subject. It explains everything so well, and what contributes to all their success.


Quinta da Raza recently obtained the "Sustainable Winegrowing Portugal" certification. This is an internationally recognized certification, the first to be granted in the Vinho Verde Region under the National Reference for Sustainability Certification in the Wine Sector. 

It has been a long process, to which we have put a lot of effort, but in the end, it has brought enormous and fruitful results. This achievement is the result of a series of policies and practices that Quinta da Raza has adopted over the last few years, including raising our team's awareness of sustainability, involvement with the local community, the practice of sustainable viticulture, the promotion of additional social benefits and an annual budget line dedicated exclusively to sustainability.

Some of the most notable initiatives include the Landscaping Plan, designed to plant shrubs and trees to prevent erosion of the slopes and contribute to the landscape setting of the vineyard plots. At the same time, this intervention will play an active role in fostering biodiversity through the action of plants with melliferous capacity - delighting bees and other pollinators - as well as providing shelter and food for birds, through plants with berries.

In the field of Soil Conservation, there were other equally important actions, such as a strategy of turfing based on spontaneous or seeded plants (grasses and legumes). As part of the Circular Economy, we are composting harvest waste (stalks), which is then introduced into the soil, making wine from pomace and crushing pruning wood. Another initiative of the circular economy is our boxes for the Quinta da Raza Special Collections. These shipping boxes can have a new life with our customers, containing board games, adding different components; cultural, historical and playful family moments.

Regarding energy measures, we can say that around 40% of the energy consumed at the processing unit comes from renewable sources, more specifically from our photovoltaic panels/modules. One of the challenges for the coming years is, of course, to increase that percentage to the point where it becomes the majority.

Finally, Quinta da Raza has also made an effort to leave its mark on the social agenda. First and foremost, by giving priority, whenever the work teams were strengthened, to the recruitment of local people, a measure that is particularly important in low-density areas, contributing to the settlement of populations. Attention to the local community is reflected in a program of donations to institutions in the region. In this regard, the SAUD'ARTE project should be highlighted, which aims to promote health and well-being through artistic practices. Quinta da Raza employees are stimulated and encouraged to adopt sustainable practices; sharing these values is also decisive in establishing partnerships, whether with suppliers, distributors, or importers. 

The application of these procedures, far from being a finished process, is, in fact, a process of continuous improvement, entailing responsibility and the obligation to implement other, more demanding sustainability policies. While it is true that all areas of certification are important, it is nonetheless evident that Sustainability, in its environmental and social components, demanded the best from all of us, the management and employees of Quinta da Raza. There were many difficulties, forcing us to make considerable financial investments, with an expected long-term return, and to set up a team dedicated to the area of Sustainability.

However, for all these reasons, the "Sustainable Winegrowing Portugal" certification is even more satisfying, and it is with our chests brimming with pride that we have embraced sustainability in the wine-growing sector.

Thanks so much to Raza for all their hard work and great wines. Click HERE for Raza's original blog page, and to further browse their website.


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