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Quinta das Maias

Quinta das Maias

Quinta das Maias

Luis Lourenco & family, Gouveia, Portugal

Winemaker Luis Lourenco and João Santiago

Region Dão

Country Portugal

Soil Type Granite sand

Main Varieties Jaen, Touriga Nacional

Quinta das Maias

In the foothills of the Serra de Estrela (Star Mountain), Quinta das Maias was first established in 1893. It is now a registered organic estate, capturing the freshness and focus that this vineyard offers. A haven for the Jaen variety, known in Spain as Tinta Mencia in Bierzo, Maias is a unique terroir for this fascinating cepage.

The name of the estate derives from the Portuguese word for the month of May, which is when the Weaver's Broom (known as Giesta, but here as Maias) flowers here. Under the same ownership as Quinta dos Roques.