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The Ahr river is a northern tributory to the Rhein. It flows from (almost) the German border with Belgium, and joins the Rhein just South of Bonn, near Remagen. From a wine making perspective, the Ahr region is very small, with only just over 500 hectares of vines planted over roughly the first half of the river (in from where it joins the Rhein). Pinot Noir dominates the region, making up over 80% of production.

The region is one of Germany's most northerly regions, and as such the twists and turns of the river are essential in creating meso- and micro-climates in which grapes can ripen fully. As for other German wine regions, the steep valley sides and slate-dominated soils help in protecting the vines from frost and wind, and also help the vines absorb as much sunlight and warmth as possible.

Josten & Klein are our producer for this region. Their small winery is based close to the Rhein, in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, but most of their Pinot Noir comes from family vineyards in the town of Mayschoss. They also have Riesling planted in the Mittelrhein, in the Gartenlay area, near Leutesdorf.