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A fantastic and very rare wine, from a tiny region making a comback from near-extinction!

With only 25 hectares of total vineyard area, and only one producer currently making new wines on a commercial level - our very own Villa Oeiras - this region is super special. It's heritage comes from a link between the Marquis de Pombal, his estate in Carcavelos, and the demarcation of the Douro region... which is a bit of a long story...

Despite a long history of making fortified wines, the region was almost lost in the 80's and 90's to urbanisation, due to it's location being ideal for commuters into Lisbon and the advance of the tourist trade. Vineyards were destroyed to make way for houses and apartment blocks. Fortunately, the local authority of Oeiras stepped-in just in time and formed a government-funded project, to save the DOC region, and start to produce new wines and increase vineyard area.

Wines are made from the Arinto, Galego Dourado, and Ratinho grape varieties, and the wines fortified before long ageing in used barriques. The 'standard' Carcavelos is only released after 7 years ageing, and can be called Superior once 15 years old. Some single-vintage Colheitas are also produced from very special years. Only tiny amounts are made, so grab some if you see it!