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Karlos Arginano, Getaria, Spain


Winemaker Lauren Rosillo

Region Txakolina

Country Spain

Soil Type Chalk, limestone, shale, granite

Main Varieties 100% Hondarribi Zuri


Located just outside of Aia, 9km from Zarautz, the vineyard is around 300m above sea level: 15 hectares planted over a 30 hectare site. Most of this was planted in 2005.

Harvesting here typically takes place in mid October (later than most in the DO), before the grapes are delivered into meticulously designed small winery. Every detail is designed to allow the Hondarribi Zuri variety to best express itself and this remarkable place. 

The resulting wines are astonishing companions for seafood, although they can also partner cheese wonderfully. As every top restaurant they supply will testify (and they really do supply everyone of note on the food mecca which is the Basque coast), this is a Txakoli producer quite out on its own.