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Dominio del Bendito

Dominio del Bendito

Dominio del Bendito

Antony Terryn, Toro, Spain

Winemaker Antony Terryn

Region  Toro

Country Spain

Soil Type Sand and gravel

Main Varieties Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo)

Dominio del Bendito

Domino Del Bendito was set up by Antony in 2003 after a long search for what he considered his dream vineyards. He bought several old parcels of Tinta de Toro vines in the fabled La Jara vineyard area (pago), many of which were ungrafted, or even pre-phylloxera, protected by the very sandy soils.

Antony approaches his winemaking a little like art. He uses his different parcels of grapes as a colour palette, from which he can 'paint' his masterpieces through careful winemaking choices and blending. His passion for viticulture, and knowing that good wine can only come from good grapes, is showcased by his hand-tending and harvesting of the vines, organic production with no synthetic treatments, and everything he does being mindful of ecological and environmental sustainability.

A hands-off approach in the winery, with no fining or filtration, allows Antony to guide the wines through their elaboration. He matures the wines in oak and blends the parcels to create his final wines. They are all true to the tradition of Toro, being bold and powerful, but balanced and elegant too.