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Tastings & Events

Here are some upcoming trade events.
Click  the links for more details and to register:

  Malhadinha Nova at Wines of Portugal
London - Wednesday 20th March 2024


  The Big Fortified Tasting
London - Tuesday 23rd April 2024



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We have long thought of Quinta da Raza as one of the benchmarks of...

13th Feb 2024

Featured Image.jpg

By Rob Haynes The non-fortified winemaking scene in the magnificent and...

5th Sep 2023


By Rob Haynes A few weeks ago, Max and I visited the Minho. The Minho is...

16th May 2023


By Raymond Reynolds Sails on the horizon. Plying the North Atlantic...

3rd Feb 2023

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On the trail of Talhas, by Raymond Reynolds In the Portuguese lexicon the...

23rd Jun 2022


By Rob Haynes Tucked away on a quiet hill side in the Sierra de Salamanca...

6th Jun 2022

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By Max Driscoll Going back to the late 2000’s, Raymond became aware...

16th May 2022

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International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the...

21st Mar 2022


by Raymond Reynolds The next part to my Douro Reframing blog takes...

9th Sep 2021


by Raymond Reynolds It’s time to re-frame the Douro region for its...

28th Jan 2021


Here’s a story about one of our great friends and winemakers, Rui...

14th Jan 2021

Imagens para CVIP_6 copy.png

by Raymond Reynolds I’d heard many wonderful stories about the...

30th Nov 2019


This ship has sailed… again! Following the successful launch of our...

1st Jul 2019

image-asset (8).jpg

by Raymond Reynolds We’re delighted to announce that Raymond...

25th Jun 2017