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Carlos Raposo

Carlos Raposo

Carlos Raposo

Carlos Raposo, Nelas, Portugal

Winemaker Carlos Raposo

Region Dão

Country Portugal

Soil Type Granite and others

Main Varieties Esgana Cão, Rabo de Ovelha, Encruzado, Malvasia & more

Carlos Raposo

Carlos Raposo, has now returned to his home region of Dao to craft his own, very special wines. Taking everything he has learnt from the top producers he has worked with in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Napa, Heathcote, Ribera Del Duero, and of course the Douro, he is now applying everything to the old-vine treasures he has returned to.

With Vinhos Imperfeitos, he asks the question, "should wines be perfect, and what even is perfect?" With projects in the Dao, Vinhos Verde, and combinging the two, Carlos has made some stunning wines that are perfectly imperfect!

More recently, Carlos has released wines under the World WIld Wines brand. These are home-grown wines, from the Heartland of the Dao region, close to Carlos' home of Nelas. All are made from old, fieldblend vineyards, and hand-crafted into elegant, precise wines.