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Freixial, Portugal

Winemaker Bernado Cabral

Region Bucelas, Lisboa

Country Portugal

Soil Type Calcareous limestone

Main Varieties Arinto & Touriga Franca


On the western edge of the Bucelas DOC, Murgas are working forward towards the old ways of the region. Their maturing, 12 Ha of mostly Arinto vineyards sit on South-Westerly slopes of calcareous limestone, abosrbing all the sunshine for ripeness while maintaining crisp natural acidity and minerality. DOC Bucelas, which can only be made from Arinto, is often compared to Chablis due to the very similar terroir.

João França inherited the estate from his grandfather along with a passion for the vineyards and wine of Bucelas. He is striving to revive the Bucelas of old, and has brought in the experienced Bernado Cabral to oversee the winemaking. This partnership now has several years of knowledge and developement, and is hitting it's stride expressing both grape and terroir.

Murgas also have a single vineyard of Touriga franca, Vinha do Arneiro, from which they make a vibrant and charming red and a mineral-focused rose.