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Quinta do Vale Meão

Quinta do Vale Meão

Quinta do Vale Meão

Olazabal Family, Pocinho, Portugal

Winemaker Francisco "Xito" Olazabal

Region Douro, Porto

Country Portugal

Soil Type Schist, granite, alluvial

Main Varieties Touriga Naçional, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Barroca, Tinto Câo

Quinta do Vale Meão

A vineyard steeped in history, this immense Estate is a standard bearer for the Douro and Portugal. Their wines have grace, finesse and boldness.

The Olazabal family, proud owners and descendants of the founder, Antonia Adelaide Ferreira, are now writing a significant chapter for this iconic estate and the region. Since 1998, Winemaker Xito Olazabal is at pains to understand the vast pallet of grapes and terroirs he has within his estate, a passion reflected in the character of his wines.

Great experience, skill, and attention to detail are all key to getting the best out of the estate-grown grapes. Mono-culture vineyards, planted by soil type - alluvial, granite, and schist - are all fermented and aged seperately. The resultant wines are then blended together, with different proportions each year, to best represent the estates overall terroir and each vintage's character.