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Bodegas PITA

Bodegas PITA

Bodegas PITA

Pita family, Rubi de Bracamonte, Spain

Winemaker Emílio Pita

Region Rueda

Country Spain

Soil Type Sandy clay over limestone

Main Varieties Verdejo

Bodegas PITA

A young Bordeaux-trained winemaker, Emílio’s belief and evangelism for his Verdejo vines shows us that great whites are possible in Rueda. Emilio has also picked up a 'thing-or-two' working at some big-name outfits in Australia and New Zealand too!

Shifting the families efforts from growing sugar beet, Emilio began by taking his Verdejo grapes to another winery 50kms away. The resulting, early wines were rewarded with investment in his project, and he has now built a new winery and set a new standard for the Rueda. The Pita family vineyards, 63 hectares just outside Rubi de Bracamonte, seem like they stretch and fill the vast horizons this area offers. They are situated on the flat plains of the Meseta. Planting on a little rise leading down to an old riverbed, means free-draining soils forcing the vines to work hard. All but 2 hectares are Verdejo (the other being a test plot of Sauvignon Blanc), but these are planted in blocks of differing clones. Separate vinification of these clones, along with varying the yeasts used for fermentation, allows Emilio subtle control when blending the resulting expression of this variety.

Emilio is driven towards excellence and quality, and runs a clean and tidy ship. Modern winemaking and techniques create stunning entry wines, while old methods of barrel fermentation (from Bordeaux) are emplyed for his higher cuvees. These are delicately crafted Verdejos with focused freshness and complexity. Wines you just want to keep enjoying.