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XXVI Talhas

XXVI Talhas

XXVI Talhas

XXVI Talhas, Vila Alva, Portugal


Winemaker  Ricardo Santos

Region Alentejo

Country Portugal

Soil Type Sand and gravel

Main Varieties Antão Vaz, Roupeiro, Manteúdo, Perrum, Diagalves, Larião and Tinta Grossa

XXVI Talhas

A group of friends from Vila Alva came together to create XXVI Talhas. They grew up watching their families make using traditional methods; wine made in clay pots (amphora). This project, an old dream, is now born with the aim of promoting the traditional wine produced in Vila Alva. Their village is one of the only places in the Alentejo where the tradition of producing amphora wine, introduced by the Romans, has continued to this day. Unfortunately, in recent years, this practice has been drastically reduced and it is this trend that they intend to help reverse.