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Barcos, Douro, Portugal

Winemaker Pedro Coelho

Region Douro

Country Portugal

Soil Type Schist and some granit

Main Varieties Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Rabigato, and Arinto


Pedro Coelho has a wonderful ethos to his winemaking. Pormenor means 'the little things', and relates to his attention to detail in everything he does. Another way to think about it is that he is paying attention to the small differences that he knows make all the difference.

His hands-off approach to winemaking is all geared towards expression of terroir, not necessarily grape varieties, with his wines being from traditional, field-blend vineyards. After training with several wineries aroud the word, Pedro started from scratch with this project and had no vineyards of his own in his home region of the Douro. He has now sought several old-vine parcels around the Cima Corgo, each with small differences in altitude, aspect, and soils. Each, of course, also has a different make-up of grape varieties. With each, Pedro looks to reveal their true potential and express their origins.