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Villa Oeiras

Villa Oeiras

Villa Oeiras

Oeiras, Portugal

Winemaker Pedro Sa

Region Lisboa

Country Portugal

Soil Type Sand, Limestone & Clay

Main Varieties Galego Dourado & Arinto

Villa Oeiras

Villa Oeiras is a wonderful new producer making old wines. The old estate of the Marquis de Pombal is now under the ownership of the local authority, and they are investing in their heritage to revitalise the vineyard areas and the almost-forgotten style of wine that is Carcavelos. The Villa Oeiras project was established in 2001, but only now are they releasing their wines, having required years of patience in the development and ageing of old reserves.

The Villa Oeiras winery, Adega do Casal da Manteiga, is right next to the majority of their vines, north of the town. Once barrelled, the wines are aged in the traditional cellar halls of the Palacio do Marques de Pombal on the main estate in the centre of town.