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Duckman a.k.a. Joao Pato

Duckman a.k.a. Joao Pato

Duckman a.k.a. Joao Pato

Ois do Bairro, Portugal

Winemaker Maria-Joao Pato

Region Bairrada

Country Portugal

Soil Type Clay and Sand

Main Varieties Baga and Bical

Duckman a.k.a. Joao Pato

Maria-João Pato is Luis Pato’s middle daughter.

Her hybrid first name incorporates both her paternal grandparents’ names.

Grandpa João set the Pato family wine “dynasty” going mid last century. He was the Duckman.

No surprise then that Maria-João would also have something to add to this nest of innovation and experimentation, drawing on her legendary father's experience to push the boundaries of what is possible from her homeland terroir and grape varieties.

It’s all back to basic traditional winemaking methods, with purity and plenty of disruptive intent. Hugely expressive wines with that unflappable spirit of the Duckman!