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Moscatel de Setubal

Moscatel de Setubal

Moscatel de Setubal comes from the penisula just south of Lisbon, between the Tejo and Sado rivers, and a little down the coust south of that. Famed for it's classic, estuary, sandy soils, actually the best producers are now blending between grapes grown on sand and those on higher, more limestone soils, with finer acidity.

The main two grapes used are Moscatel de Setubal, otherwise know as Muscat of Alexandria elsewhere, and Moscatel Roxo, a slightly darker/more red-skinned cultivar, again known elsewhere as Muscat de Petits Grains.

A fortified wine, that expressed all the unctuous citrus, tropical fruit, and 'grapey' character of the Muscat grape family, the wines are fortified to a slightly lower level than than Porto or Madeira, and can be bottled young and vibrant, or aged in old oak barrels for more tertiary complexity.