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This large coastal region, to the North and West of Lisbon, is home to ancient sub regions such as Bucelas and Colares, but also some outlying extraordinary patches of old vineyard too. There is a heavy Atlantic influence, which combined with the portuguese sun and a plethera of indiginous varieties, allows the production of a great ranges of wine styles.

On the fringes of Lisboa, Marta Soares' Casal Figueira crafts the very finest examples of ancient-vine Vital, and on the misty Sintra foothills, Casal Santa Maria are producing vibrant whites from Arinto and Malvasia and the ancient Colares Ramisco. At the estate of the Marquis de Pombal, just outside Lisbon, the almost-forgotten fortified wines of Carcavelhos are being revived by Villa Oeiras.