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Ramilo Colares Ramisco

Ramilo Colares Ramisco

Ramilo Colares Ramisco


Grape Varieties Ramisco

A very unique wine in many ways...

Ramisco is only found on the sandy clifftops of Colares, and makes for a beguiling style of wine. Grown ungrafted, protected by the sand, the vines are also untrained and allowed to grow sprawling over the ground. this protects them from harsh Atlantic winds, but also requires the developing bunches to be propped-up to avoid them burning on the sand in the summer heat.

Ramilo are the only private estate producer not to have their Colares wines made at the local cooperative. They have decided this to be more in control of their winemaking and therefore the resultant style and quality, which they believe is different and better. Since beginning this venture in 2015 they have only made 1 single 225 L barrel of Ramisco per year, so it's extremely important to them to get it right, there is no reserve! Having planted a new vineyard, they will be increasing production from the 2020 vintage, but still only 5 barrels!

Although released a little younger than other Colares Ramisco wines, the Ramilo still has all the concentration, depth, and structure required to age gracefully for many years.

DOC Colares

Wine Type: Red

Country: Portugal

Region: Lisboa

Vintage: 2019

PDO/PGI Status: DOC Colares

Alcohol by Volume: 12%

Units per bottle: 9

Bottle Size: 750ml

Closure Type: Cork

Pack Size: 6

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Ramilo Colares Ramisco