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Sintra, Portugal

Winemakers Nuno Ramilo & Jorge Mata

Region Lisboa

Country Portugal

Soil Type Clay-Limestone & Sand

Main Varieties Vital, Arinto, Castelão, Malvasia de Colares & Ramisco


Ramilo Family Wines are a fourth generation producer who, now under the direction of brothers Nuno and Pedro Ramilo, have transitioned from a simple grape grower to an estate wine producer. They have planted several vineyards in the Lizandro Valley, North of Lisbon, with local clones of indigenous varieties such as Castelão and Vital. They're producing wonderful, fresh wines from these low-yielding vines on clay-limestone soils, with a definite Atlantic influence.

Ramilo also have vineyards in the DOC region of Colares, of Ramisco and Malvasia, both planted on the sandy cliff-tops. They are the only private estate producer to vinify and bottle their own Colares wines 'in house', rather than having them made by the local co-op, as is traditionally the obligation.