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In Memory of Baron Bruemmer
30 Nov 2016

In Memory of Baron Bruemmer


by Raymond Reynolds

We felt great sadness when we heard that Baron Bodo von Bruemmer had died peacefully at Casal Santa Maria on Saturday. Only a couple of weeks ago we raised a glass to celebrate his 105th birthday, so now again we toast his life.  He was Colares’ both youngest and oldest grower,  planting his first vineyard at the age of 96, and releasing his first Casal Santa Maria wines three years later.  The last decade has certainly seen him become a legend in his own right.

I remember my first visit to the Casal three years ago.  After having been shown the vineyards, winery and tasting through the wines, I was invited into the Baron’s living room to meet him and discuss our future trading partnership. Once the pleasantries were over, his butler brought round bowls and a terrine from which we were served the finest beef consommé I’ve ever supped. A restorative necessity, he declared, and promptly drank two bowls before the meeting, and so did I. The recipe is a family secret, which like his longevity remains mythical. I shall always cherish that special moment with him.

We wish his family and friends a fond celebration of the Baron's amazing life and achievements.  Through his wonderful wines, we can all continue to enjoy, and be inspired by his legacy at Casal Sta. Maria.


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