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Raza Lagares

Raza Lagares

Raza Lagares


Grape Varieties Vinhão

This wine was once called Tinto Nat, but it's still an expression of Vinhão that could not be more authentic!

The vineyard is a new plantation, but was created from cuttings of centenarian vines of a local clone that had become unproductive in old age. Raza wanted to maintain this indigenous clone that is so well adapted to the local climate and soils, and one they knew would produce the most authentic wine.

As with their other 'Nat' wines, the Lagares has been made with a 'minimal intervention' approach, with foot treading and a wild fermentation in granite lagars. This gentle maceration is all that is needed to bring out the best in this teinturier vareity. There is no fining or filtration, and only minimal sulphites used before bottling, for peace of mind.

Once you get over the amazing colour, you'll find the wine is packed with juicy wild berry and hedgerow fruit. It has crunchy, slightly sour natural acidity, making it playful and energetic. Its earthy complexity gives it an extra dimension, and brings the wine into balance. It's clean, fresh, and moreish, and perfect on its own or with any grilled meats. Chill it down while you light the BBQ!

Vinho Tinto

Wine Type: Red

Country: Portugal

Region: Minho

Vintage: 2023

PDO/PGI Status: Vinho Tinto

Alcohol by Volume: 12.5%

Units per bottle: 9.4

Bottle Size: 750ml

Closure Type: Cork

Pack Size: 3

Raza Lagares