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Quinta do Ameal

Quinta do Ameal

Quinta do Ameal

Pedro Araujo, Ponte de Lima, Portugal

Winemakers Pedro Araujo and Anselmo Mendes

Region Minho

Country Portugal

Soil Type Granitic

Main Varieties Loureiro

Quinta do Ameal

The Lima Valley, running parallel to the more northerly Minho River (by about 25 km), is the source of the region's best Loureiro grapes. And at Ameal, Pedro Araujo has brought the ancient Quinta of Ameal back to glory as the finest exponent of this terrific variety.

12 hectares of vines, planted mostly to Loureiro, are meticulously maintained and low yielded. Registered organic production.

Although the nearest town of repute is Ponte de Lima (where most of the original Roman bridge still stands, across the Lima, which the Romans believed to be the River Lethes from Greek mythology), Ameal is actually just outside Refoios de Lima, from where the Ameal stretches down to the river. Pedro has now opened up some of the old buildings for enotourism, so making it an ideal spot to stay, walk or cycle the ecovia, swim, canoe, and enjoy a very beautiful corner of Portugal.