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Weingut Lothar Kettern

Weingut Lothar Kettern

Weingut Lothar Kettern

Kettern family, Piesport, Germany

Winemaker Philipp Kettern

Region Mosel

Country Germany

Soil Type Black slate

Main Varieties Riesling

Weingut Lothar Kettern

Philipp is the 3rd generation of this engaging family estate, making Rieslings of a class worthy of your attention. He now looks to produce wines in his own modern way, but retaining the high-quality, traditional style he has inherited - with his father still around to advise.

The family own holdings in many small parcels around Piesport, on both sides of the river. The best come from the 'Grand Cru' vineyards of the Goldtröpfchen and Falkenberg, situated perfectly on the South-facing, and extremely steep slopes on the bend of the Mosel river.

These sites allow perfect ripeness of his Riesling grapes. He balances the classic, austere acidity of this variety with delightful fruit character, and, of course, a range of sweetness levels accross the Prädikatswein scale. In the right years, individual grapes are harvested from bunches to produce tiny productions of trockenbeerenauslese (often as little as 20 Litres). Unfortunately for us this is mostly reserved just for the family!