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Quinta do Piloto Moscatel de Setubal Superior

Quinta do Piloto Moscatel de Setubal Superior



Grape Varieties Moscatel de Setubal (Muscat of Alexandria)

Quinta do Piloto is the founding estate of the Sivipa group, and their biggest contributor. They supply grapes to Sivipa, but also make their own wines. These estate wines allow a finer expression of the terroir and grape varieties.

The Moscatel de Setubal Superior is 100% Moscatel de Alexandria, aged for around 10 years, but actually released when 'ready'. The time spent ageing in oak allows for integration and balance of acidity and sweetness, and for the developement of secondary complexity. Although all from a single vintage, it is a blend of parcels from chalky, limestone soils and sand. These 2 terrois bring together intensity of aromatics and acidity levels to creat a very fine sweet wine.

Peninsula De Setubal
DOC Moscatel de Setubal

Wine Type: Dessert

Country: Portugal

Region: Peninsula De Setubal

Vintage: 2013

PDO/PGI Status: DOC Moscatel de Setubal

Alcohol by Volume: 17%

Units per bottle: 8.5

Bottle Size: 500ml

Closure Type: Cork

Pack Size: 6

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