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Sociedade Vinicola de Palmela, Portugal

Winemaker Filipe Cordoso

Region Penisula de Setubal

Country Portugal

Soil Type Sand and Chalk

Main Varieties Moscatel (Muscat) and Castelao


Although started by a group of growers, SIVIPA is now the company name enveloping all wines made by the Cordoso family. Although Filipe is in control as winemaker, vineyards are still owned and maintained by his siblings and cousins, distributed as inheritance from previous generations.

The main winery is that of Quinta do Piloto, in Palmela. This winery, along with its concrete fermentation vessels, dates back beyond that of SIVIPA, as it has been in the Cordoso family for 3 generations.

Their 400 hectares of vines can mainly be found on the flat, sandy soils of the penisula, to the East of Palmela. Here they have some fantastic (and some very old) Castelao. They also have some mixed soils and higher altitude sites closer to the hill on which the castle sits. Here they have more of their Moscatel, both Alexandria and Roxo.