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The Mosel region, along the tributory river to the Rhine, West of Frankfurt, has a long history of producing high-quality Riesling. Viticulture here is difficult, with the best vineyard sites being extremely steep. South-facing sites overlooking the river are prized, where ripening of the grapes is assisted by reflection of sunlight from the water and heat retention by the black slate that dominates the earth here. For a time, this region became known for bulk output of sub-par, sweeter wines, from villages riding the branding wave (we all know them!). More recently, small producers are driving that quality back up - though some would say these houses never dropped it.

The famous town of Piesport is where our Mosel producers reside. Using grapes from the world-famous Goldtropfchen and Falkenberg vineyards, Philipp Kettern is making some stunning wines with help from the Niepoort family.